Taiwan Girls Wearing Plastic Shopping Bags As HOT Outfits

A new weird Taiwanese fashion trend suggests you may travel to the local supermarket, making sure you purchase enough goodies so you can bring one of those plastic shopping bags home with you so that you can WEAR it…Yes, that’s what I said, so you can wear it as an outfit.
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The younger generation are stripping naked and posting photos of themselves wearing nothing but a plastic bag, as part of the latest social media craze in Taiwan.
taiwan girl wearing plastic shopping bag

Both men and women alike are thrilled with their latest new fashion trend, although the transparent bags leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, especially when you can’t even use it multiple times.

Fitting in and being excepted for teens is different in all parts of the world. For instance, working at Starbucks in Japan is considered “cool” amongst teens and in the United States it is considered an “obligation.”
hot asian wearing plastic shopping bag


So to be seen flaunting a grocery bag from convenience store 7-Eleven, which seems to be a popular brand among plastic bag wearing teens may be the newest excited trend for these young teenagers in Taiwan.

Hottest Taiwanese model will be the newest model in rocking this new plastic bag fashion trend.

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