Artist’s Horrific Hot Body Paintings Will Have You in Awe

This unusual body painting inventor Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque, 29, overcame extreme adversity growing up in his native Chile to follow his dreams of becoming an artist. The artist mind-boggling style of body painting art is one of a kind. He is well-known for having the most horrifying hot body paintings of all-time.
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weird body painting


An amazing optical illusion of this topless woman appearing to tear her body apart.

The artist said the unusual sections of his artwork came to him on ‘the spur of the moment’ while he was working in his studio in Santiago de Chile and he just ran with it.

Another hot model displays a cool body painting of her appearing to rip her chest open, while her insides begins to spill out.

You will probably do a double-take on on this crazy image of a woman spirit coming out of her own body.

Jeampiere says most people are shocked by their first glance, but later on they become fond of his weird body painting style.
He also states: ‘The relationship of the painted body with the environment, or the use of the environment for the creation is amazing,’ he said.
‘People who see this work are initially shocked but love the idea, it causes a real visual impact.’

An awesome mind altering trick that shows a giant orange and black butterfly appearing to have landed on both of these models at the same time.

Two sailors traveling across the ocean, looking so real it look as if the boat will end up spewing out of her body right over the dripping water.

A witch on a windy night gazing towards the stars looks as if you can put your hand through her body touching the stars yourself.

Check out Jeampiere’s exclusive video of exactly how he does his masterful body painting artwork.

Via: Youtube

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