Similar UFO Sightings Appear Over Japan And The U.S…FREAKY

On two separate occasions with the same weird looking lights over cities on two completely different continents were captured on live footage, prompting speculation that the unknown-flying objects were called everything in the book, from alien life forms to big-ass Chinese lanterns, etc.

On July 25th, 2015, the first alien video footage took place in Wisconsin, where police officer Gustavo Rojas said he and his partner saw the lights slowly maneuvering around the sky, forming strange patterns before they eventually vanished.
Video contains strong language:

Via: Youtube

Just days after on July 29th, these strange objects in the sky were seen again. But this time on another continent in Osaka, Japan. The same white circular objects you will see in this video as well. Here is what Russian Television Channel had to say: the footage shows “mysterious round objects moving quickly in the sky, while following a dance-like pattern.”
Scroll down for video:

Via: TVE24HD
Obviously there has been numerous UFO sightings in our time on this earth and probably more weird creature sightings as well. Who knows if this is a hoax or if this is real, you never know in these days if aliens are real or not. Or if it is just all in our imaginations.

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