Boeing 787 Dreamliner Finally Did it, VERTICAL Takeoff Will Have Your Stomach In Knots

This Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane holds 280 passengers and is 200-feet long, having a 200-feet wingspan. It’s just a little smaller than a 747 airplane. Watch how boeing’s most acrobatic airplane has a near vertical takeoff. Can you imagine sitting in this airplane while it shoots out into the sky acting like a rocket? I had a dream about this once, but like I said it was only a dream! WOW!

Boeing has been asked by many for them to share their secrets of this vertical takeoff, but Boeing has decided to keep everyone guessing at this time.
The Vietnam Airlines plane is in rehearsals for the Paris Air Show taking place in mid-june.. Watch how this plane soars over Moses Lake, Washington showing off many technical maneuvers you probably have never seen a plane this size do before.


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