You Need To See These Amazing Homes For The Homeless In These Actual Billboards.

A Slovakian design agency called Design Develop, has come up with an amazing way making their billboards by giving back to the community by helping the homeless. They do this by making the billboards into homes for the homeless, in not the conventional way you would think of. They still can do their job by advertising on the billboards, but inside of these billboards are something everyone needs to see.
We come across billboards while driving on the freeway or highway, but nothing anything like these. Take a look.


The scheme is named “Project Gregory”, where the concept is very simple by using billboards along the freeway to house the homeless.


It looks small from the outside, but you will be very surprised when you catch a first glance inside. These huge billboards are actually very spacious inside.


Take a look at the first room which features an entrance area, kitchen, bed, storage area and even a small office space.


The second room has an amazing designer full bathroom. I recently stayed in my brother’s RV and many other luxurious RV’s, they have nothing on this beautiful billboard home though.


It may not be the most spacious home you stayed in, but it does have everything a person needs to feel like a king.


The maintenance costs on these homes are very inexpensive by using off-grid technology such as solar panels.


The company is now considering using composting toilets to bring down costs even more.

You can’t beat this, to be eco-friendly and house the homeless at the same time. Not to mention it doesn’t hinder their billboard advertising campaigns as well.


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