You Will Never Guess What N.Y Famous Hair Stylist Does For The Homeless On His Off Days

Top notch New York hair stylist doesn’t do this for the money, nor does he do it for the fame and limelight. Mark Bustos, who is use to working in the best studios working with GQ, Vanity and Details in which are all high-end companies. On his off days Bustos can be found on the streets giving each homeless guy a cleaner look by giving each of them five star haircuts. He has been giving free haircuts since 2012. Amazingto see such a great act of kindness in our world we live in today.


homeless guy

homeless guy


Mark Bustos is family is from the Philippines and since May 2012 where he rented a barber’s chair when he was on a trip to the Philippines, he gave haircuts to underprivileged kids. It was a tribute to his girlfriend’s late father who use to give haircuts at that same barber shop.

homeless guy


Bustos stated,“There is so much negativity in this world today,” Bustos told via email, “and I just simply wanted to bring some positive energy and hope into this world.”



Bustos said his most vivid memory cutting hair for the kids was,”This kid was 12-years old, very shy and he rarely even looked up or made eye contact with anybody. He was dead poor with no shoes and looked like he came straight off of the street. During his haircut he didn’t look up once, but after the haircut was finished the kid looked up for the first time and cracked the most unbelievable smile!” Makes you think of the viral video of what this homeless guy did when he was given a whole pizza.
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