Never In A Million Yrs Can You Guess What Happens To This Chicago Bulls Cheerleader During Halftime Show

You will be watching a Chicago Bulls cheerleader going through her normal rehearsed dance routine until suddenly this happens…Your heart will stop, as you try to prevent yourself from fast forwarding the video to this near epic moment! It will be like you are watching the show “jeopardy” waiting for the Chicago Bulls Cheerleader to have some kind of a disaster in the making, until the inevitable happens…Watch this!

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There is nothing more beautiful and surprising then one of the best marriage proposal ideas a man could ever have towards his soon to be spouse. Marriage proposals can be very difficult for a man to think of, because this moment is suppose to be the one moment every woman will NEVER forget. This is what they have been all waiting for since the first time they probably had their first crush. Hopefully this man can win the best marriage proposal award, even though he put the ring on the wrong finger. LOL! Whoops.

Pic of cheerleader dancing before she is shocked by her boyfriend’s marriage proposal.
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