Roller Blader Tries To Impress His Girl & Falls Flat On His Face…Hilarious

Is life about trying to impress your peers? Seriously, what is the purpose of this amateur roller bladder or roller skater, whatever you want to cal this young gentlemen who tries to hurdle over the skating rink wall. Are you serious? Watch the girl and the guy’s reaction after he attempts his evil knievel jump. The best part is you will see both roller blades come off and go flying. I needed some things to make me laugh today and this guy definitely takes the cake.

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I am not a serious die hard rollerblader and after seeing this i can see why. For all you girls and boys out there, please don’t try to do something as drastic as you see here. Unless you want to be the center of the “make me laugh” jokes in your home town. So funny!!!


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