These People Are Having A Worst Monday Than You Are

I can’t stand Mondays! Mondays suck! It seems like every Sunday night that rolls around you start thinking about that dreadful start of your long week of ground hogs day. Well, hopefully these clips right here will make you feel better about waking up on the Monday. We have to always remember, things can always be WORSE!

Trying to be too sexy on a Monday.

Lets wake up today and try a cartwheel like this one.

Wedding best man trips and takes everyone down with him. Literally!

I doubt it was suppose to go this way.

I use to love throwing boomerang oversized airplanes as well.

You have to watch this a few times to really see her reaction.

Not sure what he was thinking.

Maybe just a tad bit too much to drink.

This may hurt a little bit. Ouch.

Just an innocent bystander trying to enjoy the view.

Check out the guy’s reaction in the background.

How awesome do you feel when you actually “win.” Until you do something like this.

Going hiking anyone.

I’m going to knock this snowman out the park.

Wasn’t he suppose to stop.

Pastor may have dropped something here.

It wasn’t suppose to do that I swear.

Pole dancing head first.

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Many times most of us wake up on Mondays waiting for it to be that Friday at 5pm. It may be another reminder how you may think your life sucks so bad. Or you just roll with the punches life throws at you everyday and keep on getting up off of the canvas. We just have to deal with all of our life’s ups and downs.


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