Imagine Being Sound Asleep In Your Bed And Being Woken Up To This Prank

If you like to laugh then here you go.Somebody please list this on the america’s funniest videos! Can you imagine waking up in deep sleep to some kind of weird mask of some sort? Can you imagine dreaming about a cockroach crawling in your ear to soon find out your dream is reality? Well, this is exactly how you would feel watching these funny videos.

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In need of a smile, laugh, giggle or even a brief change in your mood then you have come to the right place. There is nothing like a laugh! Especially a certain kind of laugh that keeps you giggling for hours and hours. The kind of laugh you can not prevent your belly from hurting from laughing so hard. You got to love it. The great aspect about social media in these days is we are fortunate enough to capture these unedited moments like you have seen in this video. Home videos are so hilarious because they are not pre-meditated. Which makes them even more better.

Thank goodness for guys like Tom Bergeron who unfortunately recently left the hit show America’s Funniest Home Videos who indeed help play a huge role in releasing the onslaught in paving the way for viral prank videos.


Pic Of First Clip Of Guy In Bed Woken Up To The Sound Of Firecrackers.
america funniest home videos


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