Wife Catches Husband On Video Twerking By Himself In Underwear

So hilarious watching this husband on video getting caught by his wife tweaking all by his lonesome in the room. Watch his reaction at the end of the video is beyond funny. Twerking is a form of dancing usually performed by females which makes this video even more funnier. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then nothing will.

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For everyone who is not familiar with the definition of TWERKING, it is a form of dancing is usually done in a sexual provocative manner involving thrusting the hips forward and backwards in a low squatting stance. The style of dance became popular in the 1990’s originating in New Orleans but became the most popular because of the Dirty South Bounce Music.By year 2013 it was such a hit across the nation was when the term was added to the Oxford Dictionary Online.

A Better Pic Of The Husband In The Act Of Twerking

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