6-Year Old Boy Kills It On The Piano Like A Trap Star In The Making

6-Year Old Boy lets you know how to become a Trap Star. A Trap Star, is used as a slang word in the hip hop world known for someone being good at drug dealing or someone that makes a lot of money from drug dealing. In a joking manner this kid is developing into a fine Trap Star. Watch and see!

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To the likings of hip hop stars, Young Jeezy and T.I, a trap star is a dope boy or drug dealer. They have songs referring to what is a trap star. A “Trap” is the facility where mainly the actual dope drug is distributed. Such as cooked, weighed, cut and finally sold from. So basically if you end up selling lots of drugs in your day job, you can consider yourself a Trap Star. So I would re-consider doing this. LOL

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Pic Of Little Boy On Piano


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