Kid Almost Falls Out OF Amusement Ride. See What Happens Next

Kid screaming on amusement park ride is so funny. You have to see this. If you wanted to see some Really Funny Videos, here it is. The most funny part about it is the lady besides this kid is having a grand of a time laughing at him. They are all buckled in and no where to go. It’s hilarious! At the end of video the chunky kid slips a little out of his amusement ride seatbelt and he almost has a heart attack. While the person besides him is doing the opposite. Watch this!

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We travel all over the world trying to find the best amusement parks to relish in some fun with our family. It kind of reminds me of the Chevy Chase movie where he has a horrific travel with his family just in trying to reach the ultimate goal of relaxing at one of the best amusement parks such as “Wally World.” Formally known as “Magic Mountain” outside the outskirts of Los Angeles.

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