Imagine Taking A Power Nap In Your Car And Waking Up To This.

Prank Videos are hilarious! Being the one who is be pranked is another issue. But being a part of a snake prank while you are sleeping is another story. Imagine taking a peaceful nap in your vehicle wakening up to a live snake on your lap. Watch while a live wild snake is placed on this guy’s private parts while the gentlemen is sound asleep taking a nap in his truck. I can’t stop watching this clip over and over replaying his reaction after he wakes up.


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Luckily the snakes mouth was taped shut or else it obviously would have been a different story. Wow! Can you imagine if this happened to you? This needs to be added in the top ten of best snake prank videos ever pulled off. The malicious nature of pulling off Prank Videos can keep you restless for nights, if you are the victim. Otherwise, the person acting on the prank is usually left in tears of laughter.


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A Wild Snake Is Placed On Sleeping Guy In Truck. Wait Til You See His Reaction!


Snake slaughter house in Indonesia killing the snakes anyways just for their profit, i think we should protest why killing these animals just for your own profit, we can wear a shoes without leather we can keep a simple material purse in place of leather. But ultimately we have to keep this in our mind, the things we are doing here,  we have to give answer, Jesus anyways.

Snake slaughterhouse in Indonesia – 





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