In Women’s Football League She Twerks On Another Player’s Face…What?

The Legend Women’s Football League is no joke. Whomever finds the hottest female athletes in the world and convince them into putting some football gear on, while wearing sexy bikini bottoms. These girls are not acting by any means, they are seriously trying to kill each other. Most importantly taunting is the norm in this league, not like the NFL.

These gorgeous athletic women are out to kill each other. They are definitely in it to strictly win.
legends football league underwear

The Legends Football league is known for their violent unnecessary equipment grabbing.
LFL wardrobe malfunction

Whatever it takes in the pursuit of tackling a player in this league, these hot women will do whatever it takes. sexy football players female

After a big hit by Ogom Chijindu on Riki Creger-Zier, Chijindu “twerked” or did the “booty shake” dance on her opponent Creger-Zier’s head! It was fun and all, but the resulting play was for a first down. Look what happens afterwards…

Via: TYT Sports


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