Lindsey Vonn Shows Off Her Amazing Figure After Major Ankle Injury

Working out in New Zealand last week, the hottest skier in the world Lindsey Vonn, suffered a painful ankle injury during a training run.
The gorgeous Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn proved that not even fracturing her ankle could stop her from having fun and maintaining her athletic physique in a new Instagram snap, posing in her stunning purple bikini showing off off that amazing physique.
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The 30-year-old beauty displayed her amazing bikini body in a fun workout snap, which she shared with her 431,000 fans on Instagram.
lindsey vonn bikini

Showing off to the world, not even a broken ankle can stop her from enjoying herself. The smoking blonde bombshell showed off her amazingly toned legs, sticking her tongue out having fun with all of her social media buds.
lindsey von ankle injury

Known for previously dating the golfing sensation Tiger Woods, she posted this pic of her injury just days before. She explained in the Instagram caption: ‘So I had planned to go on vacation with my girlfriends and I almost canceled it because I hurt my ankle….
lindsey vonn injured

She hashtagged: she wrote: ‘See ya later New Zealand #meandmywheelchair #mybestpoutface #ankleproblems #30hoursuntiligethome’. She then added a snap of her painful injured, swollen ankle with these hashtags: ‘#nofilter #sohotrightnow’. Here she posted this pic on plane ride to New Zealand just days before.

Lindsey Vonn is the most decorated female skier of all-time, winning her record breaking 63rd World Cup win in January of 2015.
She tweeted: “Unfortunately I crashed today and have a small fracture in my ankle. Headed home now but will keep u posted #minorsetback #cantslowmedown,” Vonn Tweeted last week.
lindsey von ankle injury

The most decorated skier of our decade, has never shied away from taken these hot bikini photos. Here she is posing with her sister earlier this year.


Lindsey doing what she is accustomed to, hand stands and making sure she puts herself in the most athletic position before posing for a pic.
lindsey vonn hand stand

She really likes posting bikini pics.

Lindsey Vonn does the recreation of famous Sharon Stone leg crossover in Basic Instinct. Scroll down for more:


Sharon Stone’s famous leg cross in 90’s movie Basic Instinct.


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