Guy On The Street Does The Best Soccer Ball Tricks Known To Mankind

In many cities you will see many street artists doing the most amazing tricks you will probably see in you life. This reminds me of Earl “The Goat” Manigault who is a street basketball legend that never made it to the illustrious level of the NBA or any professional level, but he is known as probably the best street basketball legend to ever play the game. He was well-known for being able to grab a dollar off the top of a basketball backboard and do a dunk called the “double dunk” where he was able to dunk the ball a second time while the ball went through the net the first time, still in mid-air. Yes, never been done before and his legend will continue! Maybe this guy who has the best soccer ball tricks I have seen in a long time can leave a legacy such as Earl. We will see, but only time will tell!!! See for yourself…

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Here is a reenactment of Earl Manigault’s double dunk which was never done before.

Via: Youtube

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