Guy Gets Punched In Face For Wearing Yankees Jersey In Boston

What is the true definition of a die hard fan? Is it one of those guys you see on t.v with their face and body painted from head to toe or is a die hard fan a person who attends most of the games but doesn’t care if their team wins or loses. So we are about to explore the true definition of what it takes to be a true unique fan.
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Everyone despises the well known ‘bandwagon’ fans. You know who they are, the people who only start liking a team once they start winning and when they are losing they barely acknowledge their team. A good example are Boston Redsox so-called fans who hadn’t seen a world series championship ring since year 1918. But in 2004 when the great bambino curse was broken in the ALCS of 2004, it seemed to capture the whole red sox nation by storm. All over the world everyone suddenly became part of the redsox nation instantly. So would you call these individuals “bandwagon fans” who don’t really pay attention to their team until they start winning? Or was it because the whole baseball world was maybe anti-New York Yankees because everyone was sick and tired of watching them dominate which seemed like every single year. So who can blame these bandwagon fans, who doesn’t want to root for the underdog?

There are those people that know nothing about the sport, couldn’t even tell you who the starting pitchers are, or who is the starting left fielder. These type of fans can be the most frustrating of them all. You almost want to shoot yourself in the foot for even trying to spark up a conversation about your beloved team. So does it make you a true die-hard fan because you have season tickets to your team and you go to every game or because you know every single statistic of every player on the roster. Or maybe you swear you have been with your team through the thick and thin even when they were horse crap you still decided to follow your team. I will tell you one thing about Boston Redsox fans like what you are about to see on this video will let you know exactly what the definition of a true die-hard fan is. In a social experiment this guy bravely puts on a A-Rod Yankee jersey of all the jersey’s to choose from and walks down the streets of Boston, only to be greeted by a whole city of avid true fans as they greet him with everything but a “hello.” While one guy gets so heated he actually punches him in the face for having the audacity to wear a Yankee jersey on the streets of Boston. Look at his reaction…Wow!

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