Blindfolded Boxing In Water Is The Funniest Thing Ever…See For Yourself

Blindfold boxing is difficult enough, but blindfolded boxing in water is insane but apparently is the new thing in this sports era.
The boxers stand in the ring, ready for combat. Gloves? Check. Mouth piece in? Check. Oh yeah…Water? Check too! I use to love boxing back in the day, now I may love it again as the blindfold boxing is the craziest sports of all-time.
Scroll down for video:
blindfold-boxing water

The crazy thing about it is the British way back in 1949 provided us with a fascinating glimpse into the mindset of post-war Italian athletes.

Whether it was intended as a joke or it’s just another way of humans being bored of boxing and they want to make it more stimulating by blindfolding each other, then I will understand. As long as they are enjoying themselves is all that matters, right???

To get things started, a gorgeous woman wanders around outside the ring poking and slapping the boxers with a boxing glove attached to the end of a pole.

Even way back then, you have to let off steam somehow. Especially with the war going on and the Great Depression, what else could you expect…

Finally someone connects…This has to be one of the weirdest sports ever on the all-time list.

Via: Tekko Bell

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