Amazing Wrestler Lost a HUGE Match, But His Sportsmanship WOWED The Crowd

Every single sport athlete in the world freakin’ hates to lose no matter what!!! If you are a competitor your only goal is to “WIN!” There is nothing more and nothing less. Not only is it gut wrenching to lose even a single game, but it’s even worse to see your opponent gloat about their victory. So when this high school athlete lost maybe his most important match of the year, he does something remarkable in return. His amazing sportsmanship is what this is all about and is breathtaking at the same time.

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He used it as an opportunity to define who he truly is, to define his true character. He studied his opponent just like the other hundreds he had in the past and he understood his own personal challenges he had right in front of him. When a man has a sense of purpose is when something bigger than ourselves seems to ALWAYS takeover at that given moment. It’s like we all have a choice in life…To be a ship with a rudder or to be a ship without a rudder not knowing where it is going. Remember, settings goals in life is a HUGE part in a man’s happiness.


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