You May NEVER See This Again, Watch What The Catcher Does To The Batter

During a minor league Triple A game between the Pawtucket Redsox and the Durham Bulls, catcher Humberto Quintero attempts to throw the runner out who is trying to steal third base. There is only one issue, I guess he didn’t notice the right handed batter standing there patiently in the batter’s box. The batter’s name is Luke Maile where you can see him dropping to the ground after what it seemed like a Mike Tyson punch directly to the solar plexus. Painful but hilarious, take a look!!

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This is from the May 2nd Pawtucket Red Sox game. My favorite part is the umpire.


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Here is something you don’t see everyday! Take another look at a different angle down below.


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Lets put aside the laughs and giggles for a few seconds and show you real catcher drills on throwing runners out at third base.


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If you are an avid baseball fan or even an extremely knowledgable baseball guru, then you will fully understand the saying of “we learn something new everyday on the baseball diamond” and if we stop seeing funny baseball moments like this then we don’t need to be around the game anymore. No matter what level we are in baseball, there is never enough drills we can implement in helping these young future stars. In this case we need some help with catcher drills coming up and throwing to third base while a batter is standing in the right hander’s batter box. LOL!


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