Star NBA Player Chris Paul’ Makes Kid Cry For Not The Reasons You Think

E:60 Show airs on ESPN and if you are a sports junky then it’s either one of these two things. First, you already have seen many of the shows and you already know what I’m talking about or secondly you are about to see a story that is going to change the way you look at life after you watch this. Here is E:60’s Chris Paul “Never Walk Alone” story.

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It’s amazing the impact an athlete in the limelight can make on millions of people. It’s even more amazing when you see a player of Chris Paul statue taking the time to change someone’s life who is dealing with such a hard time in life. Especially when it seems like every time in life us humans fight so damn hard to change our lives only to get knocked back down to the floor again. It’s like life is a heavyweight boxing match, but only difference is we have a life long full of rounds that never ends. So gratitude stories like this on of Jack Gallagher, who is a 14-year old point guard that dealt with the battle of losing his mother to brain cancer is something that may impact someone else’s life. One pair of special shoes hopefully can change the way we look at life, meaning looking for more of the reasons we are grateful for instead of focusing on things that we don’t want all the time.
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