NFL Star Brothers Peyton And Eli Manning Make Waves With New Rap Video

If you don’t understand the humorous sides of NFL Star quarterback brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, then you need to take a look at their new rap video. If you are a American football fan you would understand these two sports stars do not seem like the two athletes to have any kind of sense of humors. They are both known for being inexpressive players on the earth who you don’t see smiling too much on the football field. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. Now, take a look at the brothers promising a “fantasy of fantasy football.” Too hard to explain, you just will have to see for yourself. These two are hilarious!

The fantasy begins when Eli comes home from a polo game of some sort to find older brother Peyton enjoying himself on the couch, until they begin their FANTASY!
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USA Today
After blowing the house down in their last video, this latest DirecTV ad must mean the 2014 NFL season is approaching fast. Especially if the Manning brothers are back, taking over the sports commercials again.



Manning brothers aired their first rap video in 2013 “football on your phone” is so hilarious.


Their new rap video in 2014 might be their best, bringing out the fog machine and autotune is a crack up. Even the appearance of Hall Of Fame quarterback Joe Namath’ and even their HOF dad Archie’ participated as well. Archie is seen floating in space. I’m still dying laughing over here. Got to love it!

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