Guy At Halftime Basketball Game Really Believes He can Fly

If you don’t mind watching funny sports video clips from time to time then you have to see this one. Whether a basketball, baseball, hockey fan or whatever sport you may like this will have your stomach tied into knots from laughing so much. If you are not a sports fan and you just want a simple laugh then here you go.

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I love the music playing in the background from infamous R&B Singer R.Kelly while they have this poor man in slow motion the entire way on the clip.
It’s always a better laugh when you are not the victim going through the actual hilarious moment at that time. We al have been a part of some kind of blooper once or twice in our lives.
Funniest sports fails will get you giggling in your office chair at work and all other sorts of random places. Sports bloopers will have you laughing for days.

Pic Of Guy Believing He Can Fly In Action.

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