What Positive Thinking Activities Will You Do Today?

Positive Thinking Activities
We all hear about positive thinking and about how it could change our life in better, but when it comes to applying those techniques, things are a little harder. Establishing that you need positive thinking is only the first step, while implementing this type of thinking is the difficult task. Let’s see some positive thinking activities that you might enjoy.
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Good perquisites for positive thinking
In other to implement positive thinking, you need to know something about what could make your task easy. The day has four “joints”: early morning, midday, early afternoon and sunset. The energy required to implement positive thinking has a better effect when those joints are known and used.

Positive thinking for the beginning of the day
Use the sunrise and sunset to stop from anything that you are doing, and to leave the mind to clean for a few minutes. The perfect day is created in the morning. Repeat in your mind: “This day is a gift from God, and I will take it like that”.

In the morning, get out of bed slowly but firmly. Avoid the sudden gestures to get used with the body changes that occur after waking up. Immediately after washing, you can try the next exercise:

Keep the palms together as for a prayer, and expire deeply, spreading the hands at the same time. This way, you will be filled with white light. Beginning the day with this exercise will make every day a better one. Repeat yourself: “It will be a good day”. Luck takes the shape of thoughts, so make sure you think healthy at the beginning of the day.

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Learn to eat
In the morning, after purifying the mouth, you can drink a glass of water. It has to be at the temperature of the room. It is good not only for your body, but also for your mind. When you eat, you need to avoid abundance of food and its darkness. Never eat more than you need, and don’t eat between the meals. This way, every day will be a blessing. The moment of the meal is an important one. When you have important meetings, you need to eat less. Anything that is extra will ruin your vital force required to keep up with the pace of the day.

Consider food not as a method to satisfy a physical necessity, but as something required to find the inner peace. As soon as you find this peace, it will be easier for you to accomplish the daily tasks.

Self control
If you are the kind of person that rushes to draw conclusions, thinking that everybody is an enemy, you will not be able to find positive thinking. It is true that not all the people are good, but when you think about the bad things, those will happen. Every person has something good, and if you are able to find that good thing and to avoid the bad ones, you will have better relationships with everybody around you. Those are only the basics of positive thinking. If you are able to implement those ideas and thinking patterns, you will also be able to implement the advanced positive ideas that will influence people around you…in better!

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