17 Days Baseball Player Sleeps Outside Of Dodger Stadium For This ODD Reason

Pure determination Loah Linares’ is a Cuban baseball player from Cuba so desperate to make a name for himself in as a major league baseball player—so desperate, in fact, that he’s been sleeping outside Dodger Stadium for the past 17 days hoping to get noticed by someone in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.
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“If I didn’t know how great a baseball player I know I am, I wouldn’t be here trying to show off my skills to somebody,” Linares told ABC news.
Loah Linares

Linares wants to follow in the same path of other big League baseball players from Cuba such as current dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig. He just wants a chance to show the Los Angeles Dodgers that he has what it takes to be a MLB player as well.

Linares said: “I’m outside the L.A. Dodgers Stadium. Stop by, pick me up. Let’s play catch. Let’s get back in the field.”

It’s not that easy as it seems, at this time the Dodgers haven’t seen any reason to grant him a tryout or even acknowledge he’s out there waiting for any kind of response. When contacted by ABC7 the Dodgers had no response and why should they when the odds of making it to the Major Leagues is slim to none. The similarity of an individual making it, is almost similar to someone being struck by lightning. So imagine those odds! At least the security team acknowledged him in front of Dodger Stadium and they said he’s been unsuccessful in his attempts to get in so far. You’d admire the will, determination and heart of someone doing this…We wish you all the best!!!

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Via: Bloomberg Business

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