Yelling At A-Rod Fan Dies Falling From Upper Deck

On a normal day at the ballpark a game between the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees was overshadowed by an awful accident that occurred Saturday night when a 60-year old fan fell from the upper deck at Turner Field and landed on the concrete behind home plate.
fan dies turner field

The incident occurred in the top of the seventh inning, when Yankees’ player Alex Rodriguez was walking to the plate amid a chorus of his usual boos, the man in his early 60’s apparently was in the midst of booing A-Rod just moments before he fell. The man fell off the upper deck, behind the home-plate area and landed between the second and third row of seats behind home plate. Fans seated in that area abruptly scattered, and paramedics rushed in to try to revive him.

“Someone just fell over the upper-deck right below us; oh my gosh,” the announcer said. “As Alex Rodriguez was being introduced, a fan fell from the upper deck.”

Shortly after the Atlanta Braves Heard Of the news of the death, they posted this on twitter:

Here is what they posted another two hours after first post:

Witnesses said the man fell on his head, while both teams continued play as they were unaware of the incident.

The Atlanta Police Department was first unsure if the man was pushed or if he jumped, later to be notified he was seemingly being a normal fan heckling a player and ended up accidentally falling to his death from the upper deck of Atlanta Braves turner field.


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