Whole School Performs Haka Dance For Teacher’s Funeral Will Give You The Chills

One of the most iconic ties to the country of the people of New Zealand, by far is undoubtedly the Haka Dance. The word Haka essentially means “war cry” and is performed by a group of individuals spilling out every single emotion in their bodies displaying vigorous movements. It’s quite a sight to see. The staff and entire school of Palmerston North Boys’ High School in New Zealand gave a recently passed teacher the perfect good-bye to the afterlife by all coming together for this truly the most inspirational movement of togetherness.
The “All Blacks” rugby team is known for during an emotional “Haka Dance” pre-game routine in hopes of intimidating their opponents. Believe me, it does the trick and it always sends shivers throughout my body overtime I see them do this. Somehow, This dance the school performs for any of us who witnesses it will have a new appreciation for this New Zealand tradition. This goodbye to the school P.E teacher, Dawson Tamatea, was well deserved especially after teaching at the school for over 30 years.


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