Biggest Lies We Were Taught In School, Can You Say “Brain Wash”

I once visited the Dominican Republic seeing local villagers and normal people living their everyday lives waking up at the butt crack of dawn at 6am in the morning not to go to work, but to just wander the streets living their daily lives with not a cent on them. Many have approached my car while driving through the city, begging for me to buy some peanuts which are hand-made. The point is, they have zero idea how the rest of the world is or works? The things we take for granted in America, these people could only imagine them in their dreams. Basically, they have no concept on what other parts of the world is like! Unfortunately, they will live on this earth doing their same daily routines and they will die this way never knowing what the world truly has to hold. Would you call this a form of “brain wash?” How can some parts of the world have the luxuries of what we have and then bitch about them, then these simple people have the opposite which is “Nothing!” Maybe the world teaches us only what they want us to believe???

Via: The Richest

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