Homeless Man Playing Piano Will Have You In Tears

Some things are so appreciative in life, we just have to pause sometimes and soak it all in. For instance, listening to this homeless man playing the piano is like inhaling a breath of fresh air with his Mozart in essence demeanor. Donald Gould has been homeless for seven years puts on this impressive display of brilliance on the piano.

The homeless man playing the piano shows up almost everyday outside of a Florida cafe. Donal Gould says his background is in contraction, but this video speaks differently. It’s amazing to see the different God-given talents we are all given from the man up stairs, but are we all utilizing them the way we always dreamt of? Follow your dreams and don’t stop until you get them!
Scroll down for another BETTER performance by Donald:

Many times when we pass homeless people on the street and never think twice about the talents this one individual may possess. So are you using your talent from above? Are you doing what you really want to do in life? Maybe it’s time for you to decide…


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