Meet Quasi Modo’ Crowned The World’s Ugliest Dog

Everyone meet Quasi Modo, a 10-year hunch back mutt who has spinal cord defects. So lovable and playful Quasi finally is the king of the jungle. I mean “king of the ugliest dogs” that is! He is a mix of pit bull-Dutch Shepard, took home a prize of $1500 after beating out 25 other extremely ugly dogs.

Video of Quasi Modo the runner-up in last years’s competition, recently came back this past Friday to finally win his much deserving crown.

The owner of the most ugliest dog in the world says she has had grown men literally run away from Quasi while passing him on the sidewalk and also kids would do the horror movie scream with both hands on the sides of their cheeks. Wherever Quasi Modo goes, he is always the center of attraction. Now you can see why.


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