Did Ex-NFL Star Herschel Walker REALLY Play Russian Roulette More Than Once

Did one of the best running backs in the NFL to not be in the Hall Of Fame REALLY play the psychotic loaded gun game Russian Roulette more than once? We all know many of these star stories can be fabricated to the public for us to only find out in the long run that indeed the story was a little bit stretched out. Watch this interview and what former Dallas Cowboys star Herschel Walker says he did on multiple occasions playing Russian Roulette. He will tell you his reasoning for doing so as well.


Most of the greatest athletes in the world become so great because of something that happened to them in their early childhood. Meaning there is usually a deeper mystery on the “real” reason why these human beings pushed so hard to succeed at their God-given craft. It could stem from growing up without a father, seeing deaths in their childhood or any other type of fears may have been embedded in them from their past. Some mental illnesses can be cured by self-help and others can not. In Walker’s case, he’d needed help. He was diagnosed with having a mental illness called dissociative identity disorder. In other words he had multiple personality disorder. If you know of anyone who maybe suffering from this please contact the National Alliance On Mental Health.


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