Need More Money, Change Your Subconscious Mind By Using This Method…It REALLY Works

Go ask 100 random people on the street right now,”If they had a magic wand and could have anything in this world, then what would they say?” Probably at least 90 out of 100 will say,”I want more money!!!” If they are being 100% truthful to themselves. Why is this? Why do most of us have this “Not Enough Money” fear? It is mostly due to all of our “Sponsoring Thought” which is our first true thought about a certain thing that is embedded inside of us. Well,this video is designed to change our inner-belief system about money. It REALLY works if you believe it will work?

You don’t have to listen to the whole video every time, maybe 5-10 minutes of listening and repeating this affirmation a few times as you watch. But just make sure each time you do, you are enjoying it watching in a RELAXED manner. Try it every morning and night for 5-10 minutes each for 30 days and see what happens…



Why is it that most people around you have this same fear? Because it has been taught to most of us! It’s like our society wants us to have this fear. Why??? Who else would they all have working 9 to 5 jobs then? I don’t think it is a coincidence only 10% of people in the world own all the WEALTH! Research it and see what you come up with if you don’t believe me?

Anyways, try to listen to this right when you wake up and just before going to sleep. All mind experts say while sleeping our subconscious minds are most active at that time. So this is why it is said whatever thoughts you have before going to bed is “Crucial!” So be very careful what thoughts you fall asleep to.


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