Angry Gorilla Looks In The Mirror Doing Something Very Fascinating. Do Us Humans REACT The Same Way

The most fascinating thing happens when this angry gorilla looks in the mirror while seeing his reflection. How come the other wild animals did not have the same reaction? Is this what most of us humans do after we look in the mirror ourselves not being able to admit we don’t love ourselves enough?

What are we all looking at when we look in the mirror at ourselves? These amazing animals can teach us a lot about the human race, meaning maybe we can learn something from these wild animals and ask ourselves,”What do we honestly see when we look at ourselves in the mirror?” Maybe if we TRULY loved what we see in the mirror, perhaps the world might be a better place for all of us. If we fully loved ourselves completely wouldn’t we see God indeed did make us the most magnificent beings he has EVER created? What do you think?


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