The Best Kiss Cam Fail Of All-Time, I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw…WOW

We all have see it before…The kiss cam is a perfect romantic moment where couples are able to show their love to the world for a few seconds. It also can be an awkward moment if the person sitting next to you “is not your significant other!” It’s like you are almost forced to give in, especially with the peer pressure of the crowd fully willing to “BOO” you if you are not willing to cooperate. Either way kiss cams can be hilarious or romantic, but kiss cam fails will have your stomach in knots for days just like this one.

During the NBA playoff game, Atlanta Hawks versus the Washington Wizards showdown for game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals is when the moment happened. Did she do it on purpose? Was it staged? Either way it is still funny to watch over and over again.

Seriously though, watch it again and see how the woman with the beer almost intentionally looks like she did do it on purpose. Either way it is one of the top kiss cam fails on my book.


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