Look At The Most Ridiculous Chest Hair You Will Ever See In Your Life.

For every man reaching the age of puberty, chest hair is the stamp in finally achieving manhood. Doesn’t matter if it is just two strands of chest hair prickling out, it still means we have achieved our goal. Once we have crossed the threshold some men will grow a whole lot of it and others won’t. I am one of those men who unfortunately can’t grow a lot, so these men will have to compete on their own and they certainly will not disappoint you. Trust me!
I think this man loves his country a whole lot?


And yes…I am the man of steel, I will save the world now!


Anyone need a extra, extra dirty martini? This guy might have beat us to happy hour already.



Look at this guy before his MMA fight telling the world,”I love myself more than anyone in the world does.” Like Terrel Owens once said,”I love ME SOME ME.” I guess the fact is it is a must to be extremely confident to be an elite athlete.



I really hate watching sports and especially hockey?


It keeps getting better!


I’m not a dog lover so much but I kind of like cats.


I’m a huge Transformer movie fan as well, Is that Optimus Prime?


Give me another beer dude.


This is just an extension of my real mustache.


I am Batman, where is my sidekick Robin with my car?


My wife wouldn’t let me use hers so I decided to make my own.


Hmmm…I’m not sure which mustache I like better, the one on my face or the one on my chest?

Maybe every all men have their own way of exposing their sense of manhood to the world. I definitely wouldn’t do it in this manner, because maybe I am just jealous of the fact I can’t grow chest hair like these selected few above. Share this post if you know of anyone who has done this or will enjoy looking at this.


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