These Best Of The Worst Ice Bucket Challenge Fails Are Freakin’ Hilarious

The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $15 million so far and spreading ALS Awareness has spread across the country like a plague. Whether you are on you Facebook, Instagram or any of your social media feed the ice bucket challenge has taken over them all. Here are the best of the best and worst Ice Bucket Challenge Fails.


Make sure you keep your eyes on the top left of the screen. It’s like a bazooka!


I don’t think he meant to do this.


Daddy heads up!!!


There might be a hole in the bucket.

This kid might need to hit the weight room.




Is this guy serious? He definitely could be the winner of the worst ice bucket challenge. LOL!



Save the best for last.

Those were the best of the worst ice bucket challenge fails. Hoped you enjoyed it and if you like you can donate here at ALS Awareness website.

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