You Won’t Believe What Happens After This Magician Sells Weed To A Cop

Awesome magic trick performed by this ballsy young magician who sells weed to an actual real cop on duty and then he makes the weed disappear into thin air. We all have tried performing easy magic tricks in the privacy of our homes once or twice in our lives, but I don’t think we can say we have tried something as audacious as approaching a police man on duty with a bag of marijuana and then making it disappear after almost being arrested. Quite hilarious!

Take a look at the end of the video and see how ticked off the police man is at the magician. He even padded him down searching for the paraphernalia, then after telling him to GET THE F$#CK OUT OF HERE! So Funny!
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Street magician Calen Morelli is known for pulling off the funniest magic tricks you will ever see. You can forget about the days we would see easy magic tricks being performed all over the world, now we can look forward to more crazy magicians like this in the future magician land.

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