Learn The Secrets of Happy Families & What Do They Do Differently

The Secrets Of Happy Families.
The essential role of family in the human civilization is recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where it is mentioned that family is the natural and fundamental element of the society. A study made in 2010 by the Pew Institute revealed that three quarters of adults consider family as the most important element in their lives.
Many researches show that family plays an essential role for happiness. Study after study, we can see that the element with the greatest impact in life is the time spent with other persons, which also care about us. In other words, happiness comes from other persons, and the people that we spend most time with represent our family, even if those people are not related to us.
How to get rid of the family stress
Studies show that parents and children consider stress as the main problem in any family. Stress is a problem not only for parents, but also for children. Parents fighting and being busy all the time will affect the development of children. You might not believe it, but a child that grows in a family with many problems could suffer from mental diseases, and he could get diabetes a lot easier.
When the children were asked “What is the wish about your parents that you want fulfilled”, the answer was not “I want them to spend more time with me.” The answer of children was surprising: they all want their parents to be less stressed and tired. At a subconscious level, children know that less stress means that parents have more time for them.

The Secrets of Happy Families
How can we solve this problem?
Salvador Minuchin, a psychologist known for his books about family therapy says that the most important characteristic of families is “their capacity to adapt rapidly to new situations. The parents admit that their families go through a continuous change. The psychologist wanted to know if there are any methods for families to reduce stress, and to improve their capacity to adapt. The solution was surprising, because it was found in the business world.
The secret is called “Agile Development”, and it is used by the entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. With this system, the workers are organized in small groups, and they execute different tasks in short periods of time, adjusting their effort and evaluating the progress. The teams have daily meetings in which they talk about their accomplishments, and also a weekly meeting where all the results are quantified, and in which they establish the plan for the next week. The success of the method inspired the model of the “agile family”, which is adopted by a large number of persons.
What are the results?
The agile families are able to improve communication, especially because of the weekly meetings. It reduces stress, and it makes all the members of the family happier. The most important aspects are the lack of tasks in the morning, the list with all the family members, and a flexible attitude that allows passing tasks from one member to the other, considering the necessities.

The Secrets of Happy Families

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