Learning What Is Passion From The Introspective Opinion of a Woman

What Is Passion.
Einstein once said, “If you want to keep a man near you, keep him busy with your problems. Become a problem, and he will not have time for other problems.”
Being a problem for a man does not mean to call him once every 20 minutes. If you want to be a problem for a man without chasing him away, you must be a positive problem. For example, it might be a problem for him to get home early tonight, because he is busy at work, but you can motivate him by sending a photo of you in the new sexy underwear.
Is it working?
I have applied this philosophy every time. You will not allow him time to bother with problems such as other women, because you will give him enough of those.
I am over the affective, financial and sexual stages. I won’t be able to live today as I lived yesterday. It is wonderful to know that there is somebody near you, allowing you to develop in the way you want, independent and happy.
This does not mean that you are a warrior that refuses the comfort and the help of a man. On the contrary, you deserve everything from the man in your life, just because you gave him everything until now.
Any kind of addiction is not good.
I sacrificed everything to live free, happy and independent, even if I have a man by my side, so now it is your turn!

what is passion
Miracles happen when you invite them in your life. Being passive, waiting and staying aside are the symptoms of depression. This is not a life. It is pure death of your brain. Do you think that somebody will come to save you from the ocean of depression? Do you blame your lover, your friends and family for your state of mind? Then we are sorry to tell you that it is impossible to find the true reason for which you are sad, and it will be impossible to get out of this state.
Become your own master
There are no limits or obstacles that can’t be defeated with some fight. Well, this means to change your way of thinking, which is not easy all the time, but it can be done. Don’t delay the moment. There are tens of reasons for which you can’t do some things, but you need to find the reason for which you must do what is good for you.
“People without will are reduced to their dimension if small persons, they twist in their own universe, covered with shame and burdened with the weight of their own guilt. They are afraid of the phantoms that they created”.

what is passion
Don’t complain
“Do you realize what happened to me? He cheated on me!” Well, that is a good thing. Just wake up and take the right decisions. You think that you don’t know what those decisions are, but in fact, you know it too well. The only problem is that you don’t have the courage to take those steps, but how about changing this think and doing the right thing right now?

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