Not Happy In My Relationship And You Feel Like This Sometimes

Why Am I Not Happy In My Relationship.

We hear stories about people caught in relationships without a future, but from one reason or the other, they can’t get out of those. They are the same relationships that you can’t get out of, but in which you are not happy either. This is also true for relationships that ended some time ago, but which forbid you for having other functional connections.

Some say that you need two years after a painful relationship to start a new one, but here you are, after three, four or ten years, in the same place doing the same thing. Other problem is the people that hold onto something that does not have a real future. How do you get rid of such a “soul swamp”?

People talk about weaknesses, dependency and so on. In fact, it is only a vicious circle which you can’t explain, and which is not connected with your partner. The most interesting fact is that those ten years seem like a month. You were stuck in a space that you can’t get out of, and when you are out of it, you consider it wasted time.
It is the feeling of the mathematician in “A Beautiful Mind”, which has a hallucination with a girl. One day, he realizes: “The girl does not grow! I am mature now, the girl is still la girl, and therefore she is not real!”

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Not Happy In My Relationship
What can you do?

You are not allowed to judge yourself today about the facts of yesterday. You have a different way of thinking now, different gestures and ideas, and this is why judging the past with the mind of today is not so great. Now, you are somebody else, and you will not have to blame yourself for your actions.

This way of thinking help us not to feel too guilty about our actions, and it gives us the possibility to judge the current relationship based on the past.

Not Happy In My Relationship
What is the connection between the relationship and other aspects in life?

You get life lessons all the time. It can be something connected with your career, with sport, religion or friendship. Until you don’t pass a certain exam of the soul, you will not be able to get over the past.

Maybe the expression “lessons of life” is too much. Maybe we are talking about the obligation to do your homework. Maybe you need to decide if you want to change your career, your job, or your main interest. Maybe you need to finish a big project, and until it is finished, it is hard to focus on some other things.
The balances are made at the end of cycles. This is when you also need to change something in your soul. You have a new power to clean up the mess around d you, and you are able to close a chapter.

The improper relationship does not have a reasonable explanation. Nobody knows how to get out of it. It is just a sentence that does not have a point. You will realize when it is time to finish something, just to start another thing.

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