Why Do We Get Déjà Vu’s? Find Out The Mystery Behind Them

What Does Deja Vu Mean?

The Déjà vu is a strange feeling, familiar to some things that must be unknown. A visit at a store for the first time, in which everything looks familiar, a discussion that seems to have taken place, the familiar face of a person that you have never seen before are the unexplained symptoms of a déjà vu.
The sensation is sudden, it passes fast, and it is unexplainable. It can be described with “Wow, I just had a Déjà vu”. It is still an amazing phenomenon. Even if researchers tried to explain it, it is still one of the mysteries of the universe.

Is Déjà Vu Real?

According to specialists, it is a common feeling for 1/3 of the population. Arthur Funkhouser defines three types of déjà vu’s, in his attempt of delimiting the associations between the brain functions. There is the Déjà vecu (already experimented), the déjà senti (already felt), or déjà visited (already visited).

The déjà Vecu is the most common experience of this type. The subject has the sensation that he has done something, or that he was in the same situation, before something happens. Although the episode lasts for less than one second, the subject will remember it in every detail for the following minutes.

Arthur says that this sensation is at the base of dreaming about the future. The researchers from the Oxford University claim that 13% of people have premonition dreams.

The sensation of déjà vu appears for the entire duration of life, but they are most common at the age of 15-19, and at the age of 35-40.


What Causes Deja Vu

The Dutch medic Hermon Snow sustains that the memory acts like a hologram, the brain being capable of creating tridimensional images of some minor fragments of memories and sensations. According to the researcher, the sensation is only a remaining of such images created in our brain. Those are in a latent phase, until they surface when they find a correspondent in the real world.

Another explanation is the one of neurologic processes. The brain receives millions of images every day, so it might not be perfectly synchronized when it comes to assimilating those images. It was observed that the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for sorting the received information. Moreover, the sensation might be perceived with a certain delay, and this means that the experiences are considered as being of the past, when in fact they happened a few seconds ago.

Even with 100 years of studies, it is still impossible to fully explain the déjà vu. Scientists admit that the theories issued since now are not enough. The technology of the future might come with a good answer, but it is required to fully understand the human brain to explain this.

Until then, we can only explain the déjà vu with pseudo science, and we can be thrilled or scared about this. It is still one of the brain’s mysteries that fascinates the scientists, and which might not be explained for a long time.
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