Are You Ready To Love Yourself And Stop Waking Up Unhappy

It sounds like a cliché that we hear every day, but the relationship with our own person is more important than anything else. As women, we expect men to admire us to feel better about ourselves, and as men, we need respect from women to trust ourselves. However, maybe it is time to put the question in a different way:

How much do I love myself?
From the spiritual perspective, turning our attention on the interior, on ourselves, offer us the capacity to experiment the connection with life, with God, and with everything that exists on this planet.
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What are the effects of lack of self esteem? What Is Confidence?
Not knowing how to love yourself can be a bad thing. In the best case, you are confused about lack of action. In intense cases, it will all be transformed in hate and depression, which will affect all the areas of your life. Negativity concentrated on your own person could interrupt the connection with the force of life.

Until you are not ready to love yourself, you will feed the interior war in which your energy will be eaten, which will sabotage your efforts to find happiness. Moreover, when you lack self esteem and love, you will attract people and circumstances that will show your negative feelings. If you want to attract loving people in different circumstances, you will need to love yourself.


Interior dialogue is the key

Many of us will be shocked to hear the interior dialogue that takes place in our mind every day. We are aware about how much we criticize ourselves every day. We treat ourselves in a bad way, and this forbids us from seeing others as they really are.
If you want to build your self esteem, you need to listen to the way you speak with yourself. What are we talking about? We are sure that you will recognize some of your everyday thoughts in the next lines:

“There is something wrong with me. I am a wreck”
“I am a bad person”
“It is only my fault”
“I am useless”
“I am not good enough at what am I doing”
“I will never be able to do this”
If you analyze those thoughts even more, you will also hear some other things:
“I don’t deserve to be happy or loved. I deserve what I am getting. I deserve to be punished”
Lack of love for your own person might be highlighted by the next thoughts also:
“This person doesn’t like me. Nobody likes me”

This interior dialogue can highlight more interesting characteristics about us. They are leftovers from our past life; things remained from the energy of other persons, projected in your interior.

What can we do?

The first step is to self analyze ourselves throughout the day, to observe what we feel: are we happy and alive? Are we opened to new?
If you feel bad, try to look behind and to determine the moment when you started to feel this way. There are chances to change your feelings only by determining what is the moment that caused those, and by thinking more about why are you feeling so bad. If you want to learn how to love yourself here is a great suggestion. Best selling book on the mind “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is an amazing read. They also have the video version as well.

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