Doctors Still Can Not Find Any Cures For These Bizarre Birth Defects

With all the knowledge and science we have today in the 20th century, there is still a big gap in trying to cure some of the oddest birth defects you will ever see in your life. For years and years doctors from all over the world have been trying to find a cure for these defects making some individuals to be alienated from the rest of the world. Some of the graphic images can be very difficult to watch due to their medical conditions. [NFSW]


1.) Ambra Syndrome is abnormal hair growth over the body where normally hair is not suppose to be grown in the region.


2.) Elephantiasis is a symptom of many diseases where parts of the body swells to enormous proportions.


3.) Aarskoge Syndrome affects mostly males and is linked to the X chromosome. The condition causes many mutations, as well as a droopy eye in early childhood.


4.) Progeria Syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disorder that resembles aging at a very early age. The movie played by Brad Pitt “Benjamin Buttons” comes into mind here.

5.) Sirenomelia is known as the Mermaid Syndrome where rare deformity in which legs are fused together.


6.) Cyclopia is also a rare deformity where it can cause a child to have one eye or missing other facial features all together.


7.) Ischiopagi is known as siamese twins where two fetuses are fused together making them share the same body.

(source: weirdlyodd)

We don’t want to use these examples for a reason to look at our lives to be more grateful of them, especially these young kids did not have a choice for having these deformities. They were born into this world looking like this. Lets all pray doctors soon can find cures for these crazy birth defects.


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