Hot Blonde Gets MLB Network Job By Almost Getting Hit In The Head By A Ball…WOW

Who is the newly hired hot blonde reporter on the MLB Network that is turning all kinds of heads? You may have remembered her by her famous selfie that made her go viral two years ago. Yes, Kelly Nash is the reporter who took a selfie atop Fenway Park’s Green Monster during Boston Red Sox batting practice, while a baseball whizzed directly behind her head, which was caught in the epic selfie.
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kelly nash mlb network

The photo itself looked like it was headed for disaster, as the ball appears to be heading directly towards her head. But the great thing about it she escaped safely and jump started her hopefully illustrious career.
kelly nash hot

Her epic baseball photo will not be the only reason she will be remembered every time she pops onto your television screen while watching the MLB Network, but because she is definitely the talk of the town in the sports newscasting world.

Her photo was not the sole reason for her landing this job, because her credentials are legit. Nash has two master’s degrees and she covered the Tampa Bay Rays for Fox Sports Florida, so she definitely is highly knowledgable when it comes to baseball discussions.
kelly nash legs

kelly nash hot legs

Nash has every intention from taking all the male baseball viewers away from Baseball Tonight, as we have good reason to do so…

Kelly-Nash-mlb network

Being dubbed the next “Erin Andrews” she almost can do no wrong. With all her hard work she finally made it to a national broadcast scene in nabbing the co-host job in the “MLB Network Rundown Show.” I guess you can say nearly getting hit in the head by a baseball, surely deserves a chance on the big screen.

Kelly Nash live on the MLB Network Rundown Show showing off her sexy legs for the first time.

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