NFL Player Wife Arrested For Doing This Insane Act

Miko Grimes, the wife of Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl defensive back Brent Grimes, was arrested by Miami Police Department officers in a video posted this afternoon via social media.
Miko grimes arrested

She faces charges of battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest with violence. Miami-Dade police officers pinned the NFL player’s wife face down on the parking lot’s concrete floor while Dolphins’ fans were walking out of the stadium after the game, where the Buffalo Bills beat the Dolphins 41-14.

Miko Grimes was yelling: “Get off my f**** leg! Are you F***** serious right now?

Her NFL husband Brent Grimes’ did not have any comment after the game and the incident is still unknown for the exact reason she was arrested. One witness said she attempted to cross a police baracade and this was the reason why she was handcuffed to the ground.

Miami Dolphin Brent Grimes wife is arrested outside of stadium. This video was posted right after the Miami Dolphins lost 41-14 to the Buffalo Bills.

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