Former Porn Actress In India Gets In Trouble For Raunchy Commercial

Former U.S porn actress now a Bollywood star in Indian is accused of encouraging rape in her latest commercial. An Indian politician has accused a former American porn actress who recently turned Bollywood star of promoting rape after she appeared in what India considers a raunchy commercial.
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CPI leader Atul Kumar Anjan told a recent crowd that Sunny Leone’s should not be aloud to advertise in this manner, because it “develops your sexuality and destroys your sensibility.”

Anjan claims the incidents of rape ‘will increase’ thanks to the advert, which helps promotes safe sex in a country which has the third highest number of people living with HIV and Aids in the world.

Karenjit Kaur Vohra, best known for her stage name, Sunny Leone, is currently one of the hottest india actresses in Bollywood. Her bikini layouts have received a whole lot of buzz since coming on the scene.
sunny leone bikini

She was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and began her adult film career with Vivid Entertainment shortly after.

Maxim magazine named her as one of the 12 top porn stars in 2010, also playing in numerous roles in independent events, films and television shows. Her first noticeable non-adult film appearance was in 2005, when she worked as a red carpet reporter for the MTV Video Awards Show in India. Leone wants to be known for more than wearing a bikini, only being looked at as a sex symbol.
sunny leone bikini

In 2012, Leone made her Bollywood debut starring in a erotic thriller movie in India. She has done around three or four more movies afterwards, now currently hosting on a India reality TV show, Splitsvilla.

She has been a part of a few activist campaigns, such as American cancer society and posing for PETA, encouraging pet owners to spayed and neutered their pets.

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