McDonald’s Drive Thru Worker Yanked From Hair Out Of Window

Amazing fight occurred at a local McDonald’s where a drive thru employee was yanked out of her service window by her hair.
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The video had been taken on a mobile phone, shows the painful rare drive thru incident of the worker’s head hitting the side of the vehicle before she is left lying on the floor in pain.
McDonald drive thru worker pulled by hair

It is unknown where or when the footage was shot, if what the argument was about, but the pair appear to be fighting before the video footage started, with the driver yelling out: “Come on, b****.”

The mobile footage was taken while standing up in the driver’s seat, with the video taken from what looks like was the back seat, where the attacker, most likely a female, shouts some explicit comments before planning her attack.

She opens the car door and grabs the female McDonald’s worker by her long hair, dragging her out of the drive thru service window, banging her against the side of her car, where you hear a loud bang in the video..
The worker seems to disappear for the remainder of the clip, and seems to have been left lying on the pavement between the restaurant and the car. Someone else was heard screaming: “Get out, Quita. Get out, open the door!” right before the video cuts out at the end.
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It is not clear what started the row but the woman in the car can be heard getting angry and shouting at the woman behind the counter. In the footage, shot on a mobile phone, the woman in the car can be seen standing up with the car’s window half down.

Via: News Of World

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