What This Man Does With These Horses Will Blow You Away

For someone to be labeled as the best horse trainer, three elements have to come together. The horse, trainer and jockey must all work together to win consistently at the race track. It will require diligent planning and conditioning by the trainer to get a horse prepared to run his best race at the right given time. Trainers have an uncanny ability in relying on their knowledge of horses, instincts and discipline to do their job well.
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It is often a tireless and thankless job almost equivalent to the offensive linemen in the NFL where they don’t get any recognition at all. I guess no guts no glory! For many trainers when they are in the early stages of their career, it even requires more long hours and attention to specific details.

The best horse trainers will help his horse peak on race day just at the right time. For instance, John Sadler is a top ten elite trainer who started training in 1978 and he won 2,044 victories in his career and earnings of more than $84 million. He has become one of the most popular and effective West Coast trainers in the industry.

Another good example, Todd Pletcher is simply the most dominating horse trainer in the game. His horses have earned more than $61 million over the past few years. He won the 2010 Kentucky Derby and the 2007 Belmont Stakes with his perfectly trained horses. He also has four second-place finishes in Triple Crown races in the past decade.

But this horse whisperer is in a class in his own. He is definitely considered what we would call an underground horse trainer, meaning he truly gets the no glory and fame. This guy is known to be so intend with horses he is said to be able to speak the “horse” language. You never would think anyone would be capable of training a horse to act precisely similar to a dog. Watch how he literally hypnotizes these fierce muscle bound animals in making us all forget these beautiful speed demons are indeed horses. It’s one of the most amazing horse videos you will ever see.

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