Shopper Stabbed To Death Outside Uniqlo Store In Beijing For No Reason

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT A man armed with a samurai sword has stabbed a woman to death in Beijing’s busy Sanlitun district. Attacker also slashed a French man in the random attack. The attacker, man in his 20s, followed the woman towards the Uniqlo store then stabbed her in the chest for no apparent reason.

After the attack, the man remained in the middle of the square, calmly pacing back and forth, until police approached him. The video footage shows he did not resist arrest as he placed the sword on the ground and laid down on his stomach. It is reported the foreign man who was also slashed just married the woman who was stabbed, while he was covered in blood as he tries to help her. So far, the motive for the attack is unknown at this point in time.

Via: Breaking 24×7


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